Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Different groups of sceners

It's time for some random thoughts today.

The scene has traditionally been split into two groups, fighting each other: amiga vs PC, newskool vs oldskool, Gravis vs the rest... Now, I'm starting to think that there is a new category: "the party is outside" vs "the party is inside".

The first group tends to enjoy the "social" aspect of parties, such as boozing, live sessions, talking to other fellow sceners, etc, and dislike party coding or anything related to sitting in front of the computer for more than a few minutes. They also defend the idea of bringing a fully finished prod to the party, or bringing nothing at all.

The second group is what most people call "nerds". They usually spent the whole party doing party coding, aren't good at common partying, and usually are less "popular" than members from the first group.

I have always felt closer to the second group than to the first one, but also thought that there's always a time for everything. But I have suddenly come to the conclusion that I will never reach the first group. Why? You may ask.

Well, you may have heard about the Playboy Mansion Party. Everyone who has attended says it's "Like... best party -ever-... by far". It looks like it was a paradigm of the "party is outside" kind of party: pool, sessions, lots of people in a relaxed environment... And apparently nobody from the "party is inside" kind of people.

The reason for this is that the party was invite-only. Ok, that's not something to be criticized. It's their party and they do what they want. The only thing that makes me think is that no rgba member was invited, even though half of the European scene seems to have been there, according to the amount of people who came back saying wonderful things about the party.

Before anyone starts shouting "you jealous", even if I had been invited I'd probably have not attended, mostly because of my personal life. But it's interesting to see what people think about you, and how they put their thoughts into action.

Enough mental masturbation for today. Time to make something useful.

I rather consider myself a "the party is inside, let's finish a prod" scener, and I was there. It was a nice vacation, but it was far from a scener party, more like relaxed vacations with scene friends.

The fact that some people had to be left out of the invite list has nothing to do with "what people think about you". I've talked to you and members of your group on many occasions, and you all seem to be nice guys, and I respect your work a lot.

Problem is, at pmp there was a _very_ limited amount of people we could invite, for reasons we´ve explained many times. Hence, we tried to invite people who enjoy the "party is outside" feeling, regardless of their nationality.

It doesn´t make a whole lot of sense to try to in bring people who aren´t going to enjoy it very much, especially if it means leaving someone out who´s probably gonna be really happy to be there.

I doubt very much pmp was the best party ever, it´s just that we invited the right type of people to the right kind of party.
If we had invited random sceners, there would be a bunch of posts saying how the pmp was the most boring party ever because there was no internet, no power supply, etc.

If things were different, we´d been really happy to have all of the rgba guys with us. I hope you understand,

Reboot, I understand your arguments, but it's not just about the facts, it's more about the way things are done.

As an example, r3d requested a user to enter the party forum (also invite only, AFAIK), and guess what? Still waiting.

I don't spend too much time on IRC/messenger, so most of my contact with the scene is done via portals ( or mailing lists. But there are also rgba members who spend quite a lot of time being online. We only knew about the party via some comments at the oneliner. No rgba member was invited, and the only one who tried to access the forum gets no answer.

After that, I see the party page and all the "invite-only" stuff. And some time later, half of the European scene (and most of the Spanish scene) seem to have been there.

Wouldn't you feel a bit excluded?

I am not saying I wanted to go to the party (it's not my kind of party), I just mean that things look much better when explained "before" than "after".
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