Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Daddy utopian

Yep, a bit earlier than expected (3 weeks), but I am now a father. It was last December 15, so it took me 5 days just to touch a computer and start uploading photos. If any of you feels curious, you can check Marta's online album here.

I have no more time right now, I will update the post when I have some (some day in the future :), to add some more details. Just one word about being a father: everyone out there should try it.

\o/ :)))))
Enhorabuena chaval!!
Esto es en serio, nada de demos hasta los 18 meses ┬┐eh?
Felicidades, eso si. Para ti se acabaron las parties? Espero que no .
un poquito tarde ya que casi va a hacer un mes la criatura, pero enhorabuena hombre! ahora tocan las noches en vela y disfrutar de la cria todo lo que te deje tu mujer :)

un fuerte abrazo
btw, please do us all a BIG helping hand and DO NOT expose her to any chip music nor classic games like monkey island... having one ayame is just enough for now ;)
Felicidades utopian! :)

Un bebehhhhhhhhhh mu bonitoooo!!! *^^*

Greets from another scener who happens to have daugher named Marta :)
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