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I remember first hearing this term when applied to Matrix/Centosis, quite a few Euskals ago. He was not only taking part in the scener section, but he also competed (and won) in some gamer contests. So the term "multiscener" could be translated into something like "traitor", or so :).

Why is this relevant, you may ask? Well, you will soon be able to practice your multiscener skills: the ZX Spectrum game I am coding with the CEZ GS crew is almost finished, and we are planning on releasing it during the MadriSX vintage meeting. I can't say much about the game, since almost everything is a secret, but at least I can say this: this kind of game has never been done before, at least not that I remember.

You may think that I am not very much involved in the scene these days, and you are probably right. I am not officially "retired", but I cannot say I am active. Let's say I am in a long holiday season :). However, I just checked Pouet a couple of days ago and found that Farbrausch has released a new demo. Wow! It is top of the month, I have to see it.

Looking at some comments, it looks like it has created some polemic. Ok, let's download it first and decide then. Downloaded, run... So what?

Pity, it is definitely not my kind of demo. I am sorry, but the ambient soundtrack doesn't make me feel anything, and the scenes (with some exceptions) fail in being impressive, either technically or visually. At least it is the closest I have been to enjoying an ambient/artish demo, but no, this is not my taste.

I find it interesting how this demo has drawn the line between two different "scene cultures". On one side, you have those who like technically great demos: iq, bonzaj, smash, navis... They see similar problems to those I saw. On the other side, you have the "scene is art" people: ps, nosfe, rainmaker... They see fr-055:828 as "the best demo ever". Well, fortunately opinions are like asses: everybody has one ;).

BTW, one final thought: rgba is not dead (yet). At least iq is alive and coding, so expect some surprises in the future ;).

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