Sunday, May 11, 2008


Back from Inspire, and some changes in the blog

Wow, it's been quite a long time :). I could define myself as an "almost retired" scener, since I have not produced anything for more than two years, but this weekened I have come back... well, just a bit. I have attended to the Inspire demoparty, organized by my friends at rgba.

So... what about the party? The partyplace was very nice & clean, and it has a looooot of room for expansion. The video & sound system were excellent (actually too loud for the place, the volume had to be quite low to be ok), and the sleeping place, although a couple of kilometers away from the party place, was also good. The only "complain" is that, if the party gets bigger, there will be a need for a real bus service to the sleeping place. For now, we managed to get there using the orgo's cars :).

Scene-wise, my only contribution to the party was persuading iq to finish his 4k intro, and giving him my computer to do so. As usual, we had last-minute problems, but finally the intro worked ok and got the 1st place. BTW, JosSs' music is f*cking awesome, congrats man!

Probably the best overall result of the party was that I may now feel like getting back to doing some scene work. I can't promise anything, and most probably I won't do anything high-end anymore, but doing stuff for my good old ZX Spectrum is an option... At least, I could reuse some of my knowledge from the retro game scene.

Oh, and as a last thought, I will probably be changing the orientation of this blog. Since I'm not really an active scener, it makes no sense for me to keep a scene-only blog (and let's admit it, one post a year is not that much). I will slowly add retro content there, about coding and experimenting will retro stuff.

As an example, I have recently purchased an Altera DE-1 board, and played a bit with it and the several implementations of old machines for it... Some of them may be of interest. Who knows.

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